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The Great American Southwest is a region that is different from just about any other place in the world. Here, a blend of three cultures, Native American, Hispanic, and the American West have created a range of gifts and products that are unique to this area.

Our sources are located in Arizona – the heart of the Southwest Region. From these locations we select a variety of products ranging from cactus candy and cactus jelly to southwest soups and breads; cactus seeds to cactus gardens; southwest wall decor to garden decor; Native American pottery to artifacts; and American cowboy novelties and memorabilia.

If you are planning a party, function, or get together with a Southwest theme, please be sure to contact us. We have beautiful cactus gardens for table arrangements, cactus candy, cactus jelly, southwest soups and breads, southwest novelties and gift items to enhance your function. We can offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Teachers – Enhance your student’s studies about the American Southwest Deserts. We can supply you with cactus seeds or plants, cactus candy or jelly.

Bookmark this page and return often as new product lines will be introduced on a regular basis.

Some of our featured categories are as follows:

Desert Canyon Gifts offers a large variety of Native American arts, pottery, kachinas, and jewelry. Visit our Native American Arts Category to view a large selection of Bows, Tomahawks, Flutes, Prayer Fans, Rattles, Dance Sticks, Kachina Dolls, and much more.


Ever wonder what Cactus taste like? Prickly Pear Cactus has been a food staple for the Native Americans and can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable dish. Well, have a treat for you. Our Cactus Candy Category,  offers tasty candies, jellies and syrups.
“A Taste of the Southwest from the Fruits of the Desert.”

Ted DeGrazia (1909-1982) left his mark in Arizona. Born in the mining town of Morenci, Arizona, he went on to become one of the Southwest’s most famous and prolific artists. His work has wide appeal and is collected worldwide. There is something here for all of us –  Innocent children, laughing, dancing and playing. Beautiful flowers abound. Religious expressions through angels and festivals. Family values – weddings, siblings, family settings. Native American Traditions and Ceremonies. Beautiful natural scenery. Adventure from bronco busting to bull fighting. The Past and the Present – it’s all here for us to enjoy.

Enjoy the distinctive fragrances from the American Southwest. Incense and unique southwest burners available from our Southwest Incense Category. Piñon, juniper, hickory, alder, mesquite, cedar and fir balsam incenses are available.


Desert Canyon Gifts is proud to present hand-made Southwest Clocks and Thermometers. They are made from natural terra cotta material and come in two sizes. The clocks and thermometers are imprinted and hand painted. Individually boxed with battery included. Quartz movement. Enhance your Southwestern Decor in your home or patio with one of these clocks or thermometers.

We now have a collection of Beverage Coasters made from natural sandstone from the American Southwest. These coasters really stop the drip from your glass and do not mark your furniture. The coasters are set up in two themes – Southwestern Spirit and Western Lifestyle. We also have a category for holders.

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